Everlasting Florals

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I have been working with flowers pretty much all my working life. I gained my qualifications in floristry and horticulture after leaving school, owned my own florist shops and have worked with many famous clients to produce beautiful displays for functions and private events. Over many years I have seen the reactions of people to their flowers at the times most important in their lives.


Quite by chance I met someone who had manufactured a machine for freeze drying flowers, among other materials, and realised that I could preserve the flowers from weddings, baptisms and presentations and even funerals. I acquired a machine and have preserved and treated and mounted many beautiful flowers for the last fifteen years.


 I have a range of frames and containers for the flowers and they can be seen on my website.


We also produce petals for confetti or decoration. They are welcomed by venues because they are biodegradable and will not stain fabrics or floors. Some uses are


For sprinkling on table settings


For romantic occasions- Including with gifts


As petal pathways

For little bridesmaids or flower girls to scatter before the bride.

As cake decorations

As Eco confetti

we can advise on quantities and uses either via my website or in person on the phone or by text message.

We will be delighted to preserve your precious flowers so that they last for years to come and not for just one day.

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