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Joining Instructions

Many Thanks for requesting to join The Diva Directory! 


Please follow these instructions carefully, and please e-mail us if there are any issues - 


Please go to


Create an account   - When you are creating your account at the bottom of the first page it says “PROMO CODE” . In this box, please use the code  -    20offDiva    - you need to add this in on this page or you’ll be charged the full price. When you select your subscription from the drop down menu on the next page - please select the £99 listing - you will only be charged £80 and not £99 if you have used the promo code above. 


You will be asked to add in payment information - due to the way the app has been built you have to input this to move forwards with the listing - you will be charged the amount agreed (£80) as long as promo code has been placed, and not the £99 it states in the text. You will be charged again in 12 months from joining when your subscription will renew. You can opt out nearer the time if you wish. 


Once you have completed this section - the actual listing is then on the left hand side under "ADVERT" - Click on this and you can then see your template - and save and edit as you wish.


PHOTOS - VERY IMPORTANT - The first image you upload is the image that is shown on your listing cover. Upload this image first, separately, and then add additional images to your listing once the first is uploaded. THE MIDDLE of this photo is the part which is shown - so please ensure the photo is cropped accordingly. Once you have completed and downloaded the app yourself you will be able to see your listing then go on and change anything you need to! 


There is a period where we have to approve your advert before it is listed - we will try and do this as soon as we can once its listed - but it can take up to 24 hours. 


Please search for The DIVA Directory on iOS or Android phones and download the app.  It is FREE to download. Once you have completed your sign up please use the image below on your social media feeds and website linking to the website - - this will help drive even more traffic to the site! 


Your Hard copy advert for the magazine isn’t needed yet - but as soon as it is - well email you with more details! 


ANY problems don't hesitate to pop us an email and we will do our best to rectify as quickly as we can!! 


Thank you again for your involvement and we cant wait to see your adverts!!